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The Baer Faxt Auction Database

The Baer Faxt Art Auction Database Screenshot

The Baer Faxt's auction database features a sleek, simple interface and multiple pieces of information per result, including sale date, lot number, hammer price, buyer identity and underbidder identity for over 10,000 artworks. Gathered firsthand on the salesroom over nearly three decades, the database is an essential source for art professionals and collectors alike.

"It’s not enough for you in the business to know what a work of art sold for at auction. What’s more important is who bought it—or, perhaps even more valuable if you’re the one looking to sell, the data of who tried to buy it and didn’t get it." - Josh Baer

“If only we had The Baer Faxt Auction Database when I was CEO at Sotheby's. The efficiency of capturing real leads to potential sales will be a game-changing tool in the business.”


Art Collector

“A groundbreaking resource for anyone looking to buy or sell high-value artworks—an unprecedentedly convenient compilation of not only the public results, but also all the behind-the-scenes information that Josh was able to aggregate through his relationships and experiences.”


Senior Director at Matthew Marks Gallery

“The Baer Faxt's auction database is a much-needed and useful tool for understanding auction dynamics. It takes at least two bidders to run a successful auction, and knowing who they are is key to understanding an artist’s market.”


Art Collector and Art Dealer